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Subscription Software

For rent and easy to implement

Process automation with our software solutions as service (SaaS), with the availability, scalability and security that the Google cloud provides:

  • Expense and Reimbursement Management

  • Suppliers portal

  • Regulatory Consultations for PL/FT Compliance.

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Contact us

55 5100 8021 |  55 6123 5210

Why are we your best option?

Image by Ben White

No geographical limit

Perform your operation anywhere with a computer and WiFi access.


Easy implementation

With our, out of the box system, you can configure and start your operation.

Image by Dmitry Demidko

Eliminate costs

  • Regarding infrastructure, we are in the Google cloud.

  • Of paper use.

  • Messenger service.

  • Maintenance as it is already included in your monthly subscription.


Increase your Productivity

Reducing up to 60% management and operation times of those involved in the process.

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